What happened when French Manouche Roma Gypsy Jazz guitar legend Django Reinhardt met Kentucky thumb picking master Merle Travis and Hawaiian steel guitar virtuoso Sol Hoopii? A new type of driving acoustic swing music was born!!! Well….actually that never did really happen. However, this is the tasteful blending of diverse styles that Madison, WI based duo Mal-O-Dua is built on.

Mal-O-Dua pulls from a wide range of sources including Gypsy Jazz, traditional Hawaiian music, Kentucky thumb picking, vintage French pop, Eastern European Folk, early Parisian "Bal Musette" waltz style, and the American standard songbook to name a few. These styles are artfully bended together to create a fresh new sound!

Mal-O-Dua presents a high energy eclectic show that ranges broadly through various acoustic genres.  They pepper in historical anecdotes about the music they present to give it context.  Mal-O-Dua has performance experience in many settings including large music festivals, concert series, night club gigs, and private events.  They are as equally comfortable on the main stage as they are in an intimate living room house concert. Their unique blend of "Hot Hawaiian and French Guitar Sorcery" is always met with rave reviews!

"Mal-O-Dua" or mal aux doigts in French means "My fingers hurt!"
“Drawing from French swing, Hawaiian slack key, Parisian waltz and other styles, Mal-O-Dua's sound is one of the most eclectic in town.” Isthmus Magazine “Isthmus Picks”

Hot String Swing Records CD RELEASES
"Les Copains D'Abord" 2008
"Mahalo Dua" 2015
"Duo de Choc" 2016
“Au nouveau Chat Noir” 2019

CED - Vocals, Slack Key Guitar, Bottle Neck Guitar, Standard Tuned Guitar, and Ukulele
Cedric Baetche was born and raised in Reims, in the Champagne region of France. He has lived in Madison, WI for almost two decades.
Ced’s main guitar influences are Kentucky finger picker Merle Travis and Hawaiian Slack Key master Leonard Kwan. He is also a professional painter with a love of portrait, still live, and landscape painting. He studied Culinary Arts at Madison, WI’s MATC and is a certified French baker.

CHRISTO - Lead Guitar, Steel Guitar, and Ukulele
Chris Ruppenthal was born in Madison, WI. He is also leader of the popular Gypsy Jazz group Caravan Gypsy Swing Ensemble and the Western Swing group The North Westerns. His primary musical influences are French Gypsy Jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt and Hawaiian steel guitar virtuoso King Bennie Nawahi.  Chris holds a bachelors degree in Entertainment and Media Business from Madison Media Institute. He is also a professional screen printer and owns the Gypsy Jazz clothing line DjangoShirts and a screen printing business MerchSpace.
"Na Lei O Hawaii" by Mal-O-Dua